Pontoon not on Gamstop

Pontoon is a card game somehow similar to both blackjack and twenty one (21), as it seems to Britain citizen. Some gamblers from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia claim, that is closer to Spanish 21. These variation are taking their place because of different game rules for different countries.

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Online Pontoon History

pontoon blackjack reviewIn the original version, the Pontoon game was played with a deck of 48 cards. It originates in the UK, where this game gained its immense popularity. Its name comes from the French language, as the word translates to 21. Play began in the 19th century, after which Pontoon became popular around the world. Over time and the development of technological progress, Pontoon not only did not lose its significance, but also opened a new breath: Betsoft produced the Pontoon Blackjack slot machine, which is in high demand. Also, you can find magnificent Pontoon Professional Series from NetEnt. Both variant are available in United Kingdom real money online casinos.

Online Pontoon is suitable for players who, in addition to excitement, appreciate the intellectual component. Here, convolutions really should be maximally involved.

Pontoon online game rules

Your task is to defeat the dealer by gaining more points than he does, not exceeding twenty-one.

  • Aces give one or eleven points;
  • jacks, queens, and kings count as ten;
  • other cards are considered at their face value.

In the Pontoon online game, casino advantage can be reduced to less than half a percent. However, only a player with a suitable basic strategy can do this. By the way, there are many interesting versions of blackjack and Pontoon, which every true fan of intellectual card games should master.

Where to play Online Pontoon not on GamStop

A desperate gambler can find pontoon online not registered by GamStop, at this list of casinos above. There are both non id, anonymous and no registration online casinos. If you prefer to play in licensed casinos,  we have added Curacao and Malta registered casinos, which accept British players and deposits from their payment systems.