Best MGA Licensed Casinos of 2022

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If you are a gambler, you probably have heard of MGA casino sites. This simply means that an online casino has the license obtained from the Maltese authorities. Then permit makes those establishments safe to use and also make sure that players have all the rights. We can add that more and more online sites have this type of license and it is a good thing. It affects online and land establishments from Europe, Asia and also North America.

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MGA License: What is it Actually

The Malta Gaming Authority is a government-based body that controls and keeps an eye on all casino-related activities. It was established back in 2001 by LGA or Lotteries and Gaming Authority as one of the most common license providers to this date.

The Malta Gaming Authority controls the slot machines, tournaments and all other games available at the online establishments. An MGA online casino must provide fair to play games and must meet strict requirements in order to get the permit. MGA casinos are available online and in the real world and huge amount of them would accept players who are looking for casino sites not blocked by Gamstop.

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How Casinos Can Get MGA License?

All MGA licensed casinos located in the UK or any other part of the globe must obtain the license as soon as they are established. To get a permit, a brand will have to request it from the Malta Gaming Authority after which it will be properly tested. If everything goes well, it will become a new MGA licensed casino. There are 4 classes of the Malta Gaming Authority licenses.

General requirements:

  • For companies that aim to hold several licenses: they need to meet below share capital requirements cumulatively up to a minimum capping of €240 000
  • Remote Gaming Tax Capping per licensee per remote gaming license – €466 000 Per Annum

Class I

It affects all commonly played games such as slots, table games, and card games. This class means that the operator is responsible for repetitive games.


  • License holders of Class 1 MGA license must retain a minimum share capital of €100 000;
  • Tax per Month for the first 6 months – 4 660€;
  • Tax per Month for the entire duration of the license – 7 000€;

Class II

MGA casino operators with Class II permits are responsible for spread betting, odds betting, and pool betting.


  • License holders of Class 2 MGA license must retain a minimum share capital of €100 000;
  • Tax – 0.5% of the gross amount of bets accepted in remote betting operations;

Class III

MGA casino with Class III permit will get a percentage from the betting games or promotion of the games. This license covers bet exchange, peer to peer and poker networks. Best online casino MGA Class III is the most common type of permit.


  • License holders of Class 3 MGA license must retain a minimum share capital of €40 000;
  • Tax – 5% of real income;

Class IV

Class IV usually applies to the software vendors rather than on the operators. It is special and the license on itself won’t be able to be used as an operator.


  • License holders of Class 4 MGA license must retain a minimum share capital of €40 000;
  • Tax for the first 6 months – Nill;
  • Tax per Month for the subsequent 6 months – €2 330;
  • Tax per Month thereafter for the entire duration of the license – €4 660;

Requirements Needed for Obtaining MGA License

what to do to gain malta casino licenseAll MGA online casinos are tested before obtaining the permit. After the request is sent, the officials will test the site and check out the following:

  • Checking out the individuals involved in finances and the operations of the brand.
  • Accessing the possible growth and the provided business plan.
  • Only if the first two parts of the review are successful, the establishment will get the trial period of 60 days. If everything is completed well and there are no complications or issues, the permit is given for the next 10 years.
  • The license will be checked and can be provoked at any given moment. During the 10 years period, that brand will be tested 2 times in order to check for irregularities and any complications.

The rating of all the online establishments must be high in order to get the permit. Also, all of the aforementioned points and sections must be successfully completed in order to get the permit. If just one is rated low or the brand is unable to meet the requirement, the license won’t be given.

MGA License vs UKGC License

Some of you will know that MGA casino list is extremely long, meaning it is likely that this license covers thousands of online establishments. This is the real fact. Some of you may believe that Malta Gaming Authority permit is completely opposite or less valuable than UKGC permit, which isn’t the case. Anyway, to remove any suspicion, we have to compare the two licenses and see their differences.


advantages of malta casinos not on gamstop

  • The online laws and the regulations under the Malta Gaming Authority are constantly evolving and they are being updated as we speak. This means better protection and a higher level of security for the gamblers.
  • These online establishments are accepted and recognized across the world except for a few exceptions.
  • The process of getting a license is relatively quick.


  • disadvantages of mga casino sitesMalta Gaming Authority permit isn’t accepted in the UK while UKGC obviously is.
  • Advertising rules are not as rigid and direct as with UKGC.

New MGA Casinos

At the moment, there are a lot of top new online casinos with MGA license and new ones are coming. What this means is that in the near future, many more online establishments that have this type of permit will become available. It’s a good thing. Basically, we will have more places to gamble and we will be able to try new games, enjoy more promotions and etc.

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Sports and Casino
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Cyber 3077

If you are looking at a new site to gamble, make sure to read the casino MGA review. There you will find all about the details, bonuses and so much more than can enhance and improve your gambling experience.


casino mga review conclusionMalta gaming companies are popular and they are safe. You can pick any online establishment with this type of license and enjoy it. They will guarantee you an appealing gambling experience, great bonuses and all the functionality you can imagine. The bottom line is simple. You can play at any site and you are protected, period.


🔒 Is it legal for a gambler from the United Kingdom to gamble at Malta Gaming Authority casino?

Yes and no. A gambler can play at Malta casino but keep in mind that this license isn’t approved by the United Kingdom. The reasons are not clear at the moment and there are no major facts why the permit isn’t accepted.

🔒 Are all MGA casinos safe to play at?

Yes, they are safe to play at. If you take a look at casino MGA reviews from previous gamblers, you will see that most of them are satisfied with the overall process and they have been using that casino for a long period of time.

🔒 Can I withdraw the winnings in the UK if I play at Malta Gaming Authority casino?

Yes, you can. This applies to all gaming companies Malta supports. You will be withdrawing the winnings to a medium so there are no complications of any kind.

🔒 Can I deposit funds from the UK at MGA casino?

If you can play the games here you can make deposits as well. We can add that not all payment methods are available in this case scenario, but many are. It is unlikely for you to find complications with depositing the funds.

🔒 Which software providers are available at MGA casinos?

In any site recension you can see supported software developers. Those that are available in MGA casinos generally don’t differ from providers available in UKGC establishments. What this means is that you can play games developed by all major software providers.

🔒 What other licenses are suitable for non GamStop gambling?

For gambler on Gamstop who want to play in licensed casinos curacao licensed casinos would fit perfectly, as it is one of the most popular licenses. Also, players can try casinos without ID verification.