How to cancel GamStop: Review for British players

It might be obvious that Gamstop can be a decent option for self-excluding, which is used by thousands of British players in the United Kingdom. But how to cancel Gamstop if it was imposed by mistake or the gambler is willing to maintain gambling because the problematic gameplay isn’t an issue anymore?

The only LEGAL option is to execute a Gamstop removal AFTER your self-exclusion period has been expired. Read on to get acquainted with the possible ways of canceling participation in the program.
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Gamstop Removal Process Unregister from Gamstop How to Stop Gamstop

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How to cancel Gamstop: Online casino rating

First things first, you should be aware that the websites registered with Gamstop restrict you from accessing the casino games one you agreed to take the self-exclusion period. When it comes to the conditions and different types of self-exclusion, all UK gamblers should know that GamStop offers flexible ways of banning from gambling. The possible options include:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years

That means that GB players are lucky enough to choose the possible options for banning in various time frames. The crucial problem is that the Gamstop UK remove is one of the most popular Web searches in the United Kingdom. This is explained by the fact that players miss their bonus promotions, alongside the casino brands that once delivered such an unprecedented stream of entertainment.

That is why more and more players are wondering how to remove Gamstop by their own means. Regardless of what type and time frame of the self-exclusion have you decided, you should be aware of how to get out of Gamstop, which is to be explained in our recension below.

Can you stop Gamstop after the self-excluding period?

Once your self-exclusion period is over, the entire process of the Gamstop reversal is easy and straightforward. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that your self exclusion period is over. Due to the bureaucracy issues, the last day could be moved forwards to the nearest business day. Keep this in mind, if applying on weekends or holidays.
  2. Contact the support representatives on the official website, accompanied by filling in an official request for removing your personal information from the database.
  3. Go through the relevant process as told by the GamStop manager.

Your account with all the relevant personal data will be further removed from the mentioned database, meaning that you will be able to access all the casinos and software providers. Although it might take a few days to process your request, the easiest way to implement the Gamstop remove is to wait until your restriction expires. The good news is that you will be able to play as long as you want after the self exclusion period ends.

You should also remember that Gamstop is licensed by the UKGC in terms of being active as long as the current law stays intact. The question of how to stop Gamstop is becoming more debatable, much because almost all of the currently operating casinos have already joined the service.

Can I stop Gamstop while still being on self exclusion?

Gambling for real money can become a real problem, especially if the person is unable to control the cash transfer flows from one’s bank account. Although there are literally no ways to unregister from Gamstop once your gambling-free period started, there are still possible options of how to reverse Gamstop on the official level.

There are still a few exceptions, whereas one of the most tricky ones is to contact the customer support representatives and ask them to cancel your self-exclusion because it was implemented by mistake. If you manage to offer convincing pieces of evidence, you are likely to proceed with a Gamstop reverse process.

Can you cancel Gamstop: Gamblers’ insights

Much because this way of Gamstop remove exclusion is hard to proceed with, GB gamblers can still try to get around Gamstop ban variously. While some make good use of the international casino providers, others cancel Gamstop unofficially just by using VPN services and other technological perks

pure vpn for gambling

When it comes to other possible ways of getting around the service, you can read the terms and requirements on the offshore gambling site to ensure that it is not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Simply by making a deposit for a certain amount of money on such an offshore site, you will be legit to gamble from that specific moment.

Keeping in mind those options, you should still remember that the process of Gamstop remove is almost impossible from the official viewpoint. Simply put, the question of Gamstop how to cancel has become extremely relevant for the GB players, meaning that the ways around are

Can you remove Gamstop by using the ways around?

The answer to this question is definitely positive since players from Great Britain still find ways how to avoid this service. You should basically know that security measures of this service are valid only on the territory of the UK. The official agenda of promoting the legal GB casinos seemed to be controversial because gamblers were thinking: Okay, can I reverse Gamstop anyhow?

Because of this, countless ways around Gamstop appeared during the last months, including the use of VPN, use international casinos, experiment with the unused pieces of data, and even cheat by asking the assistance of the family members.

If you are curious about all of the aforementioned ways of avoiding the effect of the service, you should take a closer look at our featured review, which is wholly dedicated to the ways of getting around. Once you try them, your pound payment transfers to online casinos will finally become real.

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how to remove self exclusion

How to remove self exclusion program

Gamblers in Great Britain who want to stop gambling for a specific period of time, but they do need help, there is a lot of self exclusion services apart Gamstop:

  • Gamblock
  • Gamcare
  • Gamban
  • Count Me Out
  • NetNanny

which offer this kind of advantage. However, sometimes, self-exclusion can be a mistake and gamblers would look for methods of how to cancel or reverse self exclusion.

Self Exclusion gambling Site Basics

In the UK, self exclusion from online gambling is voluntary.

  1. You will have to click on the “Responsible Gambling” badge at the site you play and fill the form.
  2. You then select the duration of the program and confirm.
  3. During that period of time, you won’t be able to access that particular online gambling without Gamstop establishment or to gamble.

This is known as self exclusion from all gambling sites, and it applies to most online establishments located in the country. The owners of those establishments can apply for the program at any given moment, and they will be approved. The gambling authorities such as Malta, Curacao and obviously UKGC are all supported, and you can see sites with all or at least one of those licenses. Keep in mind that gambling when self excluded is still possible, and we will explain this matter later on. Here are the main facts:

  • Player will activate the program by himself
  • It applies to all sites in the network
  • It cannot be cancelled
  • You can gamble at other sites

How To Remove Self Exclusion Program

remove gambling self exclusion

Each player should fill the casino self exclusion application form by himself, and he should realize that it cannot be canceled as long as the period of time selected lasts. In other words, you cannot cancel the Gamstop program before it expires, and there is no trick or tip you can use to do that.

Players are free to prolong the program as long as needed. The idea here is to be unable to gamble until your addiction is eliminated.

How To Cancel Self Exclusion at Betting sites

Self exclusion from all bookies and all gambling establishments is possible once the selected time frame expires. While your time in the program is not over you try some non Gamstop sportsbook options that are available for UK players. 

  1. Then, you can contact the customer support and tell them that you do not want to use the program anymore.
  2. Within 24 hours or instantly, in some cases, you will be allowed to gamble once again.

This also applies to multi operator self exclusion scheme and all operators, which are members of the community. You can prolong the use if you like.

Checking Are You Still Self Excluded

unblock yourself from casinos check

Casino self exclusion check is done at the official site where you activated the ban.

  1. You will have to log in, and you will need to enter needed information to do that.
  2. Once you are done, you will see your ban, the time left and obviously the expiration date.
  3. There you can choose self-exclusion reinstatement again.

There is no need to check for the ban frequently. It will remain active as long as you have selected, and it cannot be removed by organizations, communities or anything else. What’s important is that you can be self excluded but still allowed to bet if you read the previous sections we have revealed.

FAQ about how to cancel gamestop

🛡️ What is self-expulsion program?

National self exclusion register is a program in the United Kingdom in which a gambler can ban his account to betting and gambling sites for a specific period of time. During that time, he won’t be able to log in to gambling establishments, and he won’t be able to play games. Once the ban expires, all returns to normal.

🛡️ Can you go around it?

Yes and no. You cannot cancel self exclusion before it expires. Once it expires, you can end it and remove the ban and continue gambling. You can go around self exclusion by visiting and playing at online casinosthat are not members of the program. If you are under Gamstop – try getting around Gamestop casino List. Gambling there is safe, and there are no unwanted issues.

🛡️ For which sites does it apply?

The ban applies to all betting, sports betting and online casinos sites which have responsible gambling at the bottom of the page. In other words, it applies to all sites which are members of the program. New sites are added as we speak, and it is a voluntary action.

🛡️ Can I cancel the ban if I contact customer support?

As previously mentioned, there is no way you can cancel a ban before it expires. Players are mandatory to contact customer support once the ban is ended to confirm removal from the program or to prolong it if needed. But you can contact your programm, to get more specific info accurate info, because even Gamstop canceling algorithm has some specific features.