How To Remove Self Exclusion Program

how to remove self exclusion

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Gamblers in Great Britain who want to stop gambling for a specific period of time, but they do need help, there is a lot of self exclusion services:

which offer this kind of advantage. However, sometimes, self-exclusion can be a mistake and gamblers would look for methods of how to cancel or reverse self exclusion.

What is Gambling Self Exclusion

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Self-exclusion gambling programs, for example – GamStop, are available for gamblers from the United Kingdom. There are a few main options you will need to remember, luckily, all of them are simple to understand, and there are no major compilations. Gambling self exclusion is designed to help gamblers who have a gambling problem and who want to stop, at least for a specific period of time. Below, we will explain what self-exclusion casino means and how it will affect your gambling.

Self Exclusion gambling Site Basics

In the UK, self exclusion from online gambling is voluntary.

  1. You will have to click on the “Responsible Gambling” badge at the site you play and fill the form.
  2. You then select the duration of the program and confirm.
  3. During that period of time, you won’t be able to access that particular online gambling without Gamstop establishment or to gamble.

This is known as self exclusion from all gambling sites, and it applies to most online establishments located in the country. The owners of those establishments can apply for the program at any given moment, and they will be approved. The gambling authorities such as Malta, Curacao and obviously UKGC are all supported, and you can see sites with all or at least one of those licenses. Keep in mind that gambling when self excluded is still possible, and we will explain this matter later on. Here are the main facts:

  • Player will activate the program by himself
  • It applies to all sites in the network
  • It cannot be cancelled
  • You can gamble at other sites

Pool of sites that offer self exclusion

slf exclusion casinos listIn GB, self-exclusion applies to a pool of online sites that offer sports betting and caisson games. Once you apply for the program, you will be self excluded from a betting shop all the sites and all the apps that offer any form of gambling. This is known as a pool of online establishments that are members of the program. Once the period of time you have selected expires, you can continue using those sites and gamble once again. You will have to cancel the program after it is expired and to confirm. In some situations, you will have to wait 24 hours (cool down) period, and after that, you will be able to gamble again. Some of the participating companies:

  • Mr Green;
  • 32 Red Limited;
  • Genesis Global Limited;
  • Betway Limited;
  • NetBet Enterprises Limited;
  • Bgo Entertainment Limited;
  • 888 UK Limited;

How To Remove Self Exclusion Program

remove gambling self exclusionEach player should fill the casino self exclusion application form by himself, and he should realize that it cannot be canceled as long as the period of time selected lasts. In other words, you cannot cancel the Gamstop program before it expires, and there is no trick or tip you can use to do that.

Players are free to prolong the program as long as needed. The idea here is to be unable to gamble until your addiction is eliminated.

How To Cancel Self Exclusion at Betting sites

Self exclusion from all bookies and all gambling establishments is possible once the selected time frame expires.

  1. Then, you can contact the customer support and tell them that you do not want to use the program anymore.
  2. Within 24 hours or instantly, in some cases, you will be allowed to gamble once again.

This also applies to multi operator self exclusion scheme and all operators, which are members of the community. You can prolong the use if you like.

How to Get Around Self Exclusion Gambling Program

how to get around self-exclusionThe best and, honestly, the only way you can go around the Gamstop program or any another one is to play at online establishments that are not members of the group. There you will be able to use real name and information, and you can deposit funds, withdraw winnings and all the rest. One confusion is that sites that accept this form of gaming are not safe. However, they can still have any license, excluding from the UKGC, meaning they are 100% safe to gamble at. As we have mentioned, it is voluntary for the gambling establishment to join the program. UKGC cannot force them.

How To get Around Once Program Has Ended

Once the ban expires, you are ready to remove casino self exclusion account, and you can continue gambling once again. Keep in consideration that it is mandatory to contact the customer support at GamStop and conform to ban removal. By now, you should know that this should be done after the expiration date. If you want to know how to cancel self exclusion follow the guidelines from the program organization.

Checking Are You Still Self Excluded

unblock yourself from casinos checkCasino self exclusion check is done at the official site where you activated the ban.

  1. You will have to log in, and you will need to enter needed information to do that.
  2. Once you are done, you will see your ban, the time left and obviously the expiration date.
  3. There you can choose self-exclusion reinstatement again.

There is no need to check for the ban frequently. It will remain active as long as you have selected, and it cannot be removed by organizations, communities or anything else. What’s important is that you can be self excluded but still allowed to bet if you read the previous sections we have revealed.


🛡️ What is self-expulsion program?

National self exclusion register is a program in the United Kingdom in which a gambler can ban his account to betting and gambling sites for a specific period of time. During that time, he won’t be able to log in to gambling establishments, and he won’t be able to play games. Once the ban expires, all returns to normal.

🛡️ Can you go around it?

Yes and no. You cannot cancel self exclusion before it expires. Once it expires, you can end it and remove the ban and continue gambling. You can go around self exclusion by visiting and playing at online casinosthat are not members of the program. If you are under Gamstop – try getting around Gamestop casino List. Gambling there is safe, and there are no unwanted issues.

🛡️ For which sites does it apply?

The ban applies to all betting, sports betting and online casinos sites which have responsible gambling at the bottom of the page. In other words, it applies to all sites which are members of the program. New sites are added as we speak, and it is a voluntary action.

🛡️ Can I cancel the ban if I contact customer support?

As previously mentioned, there is no way you can cancel a ban before it expires. Players are mandatory to contact customer support once the ban is ended to confirm removal from the program or to prolong it if needed. But you can contact your programm, to get more specific info accurate info, because even gamstop canceling algorithm has some specific features.