Self-Excluded But Still Allowed to Bet?

self excludet but can play

In the UK, self-exclusion is a formal agreement between an individual and gambling companies to prevent the individual from gambling for a set period of time. This is part of the responsible gambling measures enforced by the UK Gambling Commission. If you are self-excluded but still allowed to bet, keep up with the article where we’ll give a guide on possible next steps.

Self Excluded But Still Allowed To Bet – What To Do?

1. Contact the Gambling Company

Inform them immediately of the breach of your self-exclusion agreement. Businesses are required to take reasonable steps to prevent you from betting during the self-exclusion period.

2. Report to the Gambling Commission

If you have gambled while self-excluded, you should let the Gambling Commission know as it helps them identify areas where gambling business procedures could be improved.


Consider registering with GAMSTOP if you haven’t already.It’s a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online companies licensed in Great Britain with one request. Of course with the availability of casinos outside Gamstop it is not that hard to find an option for putting a bet even with self-exclusion, but the program has some positive results.

4. Seek Additional Support

Access support and counselling services.Organisations like GamCare provide help to those affected by problem gambling and can offer advice on how to maintain your self-exclusion.


What happens if you gamble while self-excluded? Can you collect winnings or make withdrawals?

If you gamble while self-excluded, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to collect any winnings or make withdrawals. Betting shops and casinos are required to enforce self-exclusion agreements strictly, which generally includes blocking access to gaming activities and withholding any winnings from self-excluded individuals. These measures are in place to support the intention of self-exclusion, which is to help individuals manage problematic behaviours.

Can I collect a jackpot if I have self-excluded myself from the casino?

Unfortunately, if you win a jackpot while on a self-exclusion list, you are typically not entitled to collect the winnings. There have been actual cases where individuals on self-exclusion lists have won jackpots, and the outcomes usually involve the casino returning the initial bet to the player and asking them to leave. This policy helps reinforce the purpose of self-exclusion and ensures compliance with regulations.

Am I allowed to bet while self-excluded?

The primary purpose of self-exclusion is to prevent further betting, meaning you should not be betting while self-excluded. However, if you are determined to continue gambling, some regions or online platforms may still allow you to bypass Gamstop restrictions. For instance, casinos licensed in jurisdictions like Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar might offer ways to bet while self-excluded. In these cases, it’s crucial to ensure that the venues uphold high standards of data and financial security.

Useful To Know: Legal Obligations That Gambling Operators Have Regarding Self-Exclusion

Operators in the UK have specific legal obligations regarding self-exclusion agreements to ensure they provide support to individuals with issues and comply with responsible gambling measures. Operators who fail to meet these obligations may face regulatory action from the UK Gambling Commission. Here are some of the key obligations:

  1. Offer Self-Exclusion: Operators must offer self-exclusion schemes to customers who request them.This is a requirement under the Social Responsibility Code Provision 3.5.6.
  2. Enforce Self-Exclusion: Once a self-exclusion agreement is in place, operators must take reasonable steps to prevent the individual from gambling during the self-exclusion period.
  3. Close Accounts and Refund Balances: The business must close the individual’s account and return any money in the account to the person.
  4. Remove from Marketing Databases: Operators must remove the individual’s name and details from any marketing databases to prevent promotional material from being sent to them.
  5. Respect the Duration of Self-Exclusion: The period of self-exclusion must be respected, and it cannot be terminated prior to the agreed expiry date.
  6. Provide Information on Self-Exclusion: Operators should provide clear information about how to self-exclude, the terms of self-exclusion, and what support is available for problem gamblers.