Online gambling After BetBlocker Has Been Activated

how to get around betblocker

Many gamers find themselves in a position whereby they want to uninstall BetBlocker but cannot. In some instances, players try to circumnavigate the program by finding online casinos not listed on its database. As the list on their database contains over 6,000 casinos site, it is not easy to do.

The best way around the problem is to delete the program from your device. It is not easy to do for most people, but if you are computer programming savvy, it can be done. If you are not a techie, there is a program called “Advanced Uninstaller PRO” that you can download and try.

What BetBlocker Does And How It Works

What BetBlocker Does And How It WorksBetBlocker is a free program that has been developed to help people that are addicted to gambling to make a complete break, at least for a limited period. According to their website, you can block yourself from accessing more than 13,425 websites worldwide. These sites are not just online casinos, but any site that has a direct relationship to gambling.

The program works by preventing users from accessing any gambling operator URLs that it lists in its database. The database is updated frequently as new websites are launched, or as existing users report sites they come across that are not already listed.

Downloading BetBlocker For Various Devices

Downloading BetBlocker For Various DevicesBetBlocker is a joint venture between and SatatsDrone, and completely free. In November 2019, it became a registered charity. As it is free, it means that you can download it as many times as you like and use it on various devices. Thanks to the many app options available, including BetBlocker mobile, it can be used on all devices. App variants include:

  • Andriod app – supports versions 5.1+
  • Fire OS app – supports versions Fire OS 5+
  • iOS app – supports versions 10+
  • Linus app – supports versions Ubuntu 12.4+, Fedora 21+, and Debian 8+
  • Macc App – supports versions OS X 10.12, 10.13, 10.14. and 10.14+
  • Windows app – supports Windows 7, 8, 1nd 10

Even though the apps are free, unlike most other free product offers, BetBlocker is advert-free. If you do decide you want to download Betblocker, you can do so from the website, or the Apple App Store, or Google Play. Just be very careful before you activate it. Once you do, finding out how to remove BetBlocker may not be as straight forward as you might have imagined.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BetBlocker

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BetBlockerThere are plenty of BetBlockers reviews online. The overall opinion is that it is an excellent product if the person who downloaded it wants to completely separate themselves from any form of gambling for a specified period, or forever. But there are some instances where gamers find it a very annoying product – especially if they want to remove BetBlocker from their device.

The Pros of BetBlocker

Most of the pros associated with this product, but not all, come from gamers who have had reported satisfactory BetBlock experiences having decided they must entirely divorce themselves from gambling activities for a while. Its pros include:

  • 100% free
  • Totally free from advertisements
  • Does not collect personal data
  • Operates as a charity organization tacking gambling addiction
  • Parental control feature allows parents or guardians to control children and underage teens from gambling
  • Not a permanent fixture. Self-restriction ends when the cut-off date is realized

The Cons Of BetBlocker

The cons have been experienced both by gamblers who wish to refrain from gambling forever, and those who only seek a temporary separation.

  • Some iOS app users report not being able to access legitimate websites once the program has been activated.
  • Some iOS app users have complained that the program interfered with their smartphones.
  • Problems with the demo version.
  • Unsatisfactory customer support
  • Could limit future gambling activity once deactivated or removed.

BetBlocker is still relatively new and has been released as a Beta version, which has reportedly created problems for some users. Customer support is slow, perhaps due to being underfunded as this is a free product.

While there are no specific reports yet, other gambling restriction programs, like Gamstop, which is used in the UK, have been linked with ongoing user problems. It relates to when gamers return to gambling, only to find that many online casinos will not accept them if they have previously used a self-restriction tool.

Where BetBlocker Outdoes Its Competitors

Where BetBlocker Outdoes Its Competitors

The biggest difference between BetBlocker and other gambling restrictive programs is that it costs absolutely nothing to download, install, and activate. Other programs like Gamban, Betfilter, and  Gamblock, charge anywhere from £24.99 to £145 per annum. Not ideal when many addicted gamblers who need them most are at a point where they are short of cash.

Another difference is that whereas other programs require you to create a profile when you register, BetBlocker does not. In fact, you don’t have to register at all.

How To Uninstall BetbBocker

How To Uninstall BetbBockerIf you decide you no longer need it, or you are a non-gambler who has bought a device that already had it installed, you do need to know how to uninstall BetBlocker, and it is not easy.

When The Self Exclusion Period Is Active

The only time it is relatively simple to uninstall BetBlocker is either before it is activated or when the self-exclusion period is up. Once it has been activated, even if you do manage to uninstall it, the selected self-exclusion time block will still be there. On set-up, the self-exclusion period ranges anywhere from 24 hours to 5-years, or even forever.

Selling A Device Running BetBlocker

If you decide to sell a device on which BetBlocker has been downloaded, you will have a problem unless the person you are selling it to actually wants it. If you know how to remove BetBlocker Android apps, all well and good. If you don’t, you can explore the BetBlock remove options referred at the beginning of this article, in the second paragraph.

Does Self-Exclusion End Automatically On The Expiration Date?

Self-exclusion only ends automatically when it was activated for the shorter period options, anywhere from 24 hours to 1 month. Longer restrictions, 2 months and upwards, require a password to be entered.

You will be asked to create a password during the set-up process if you are going for longer restrictive periods. If you don’t enter this password when the time comes, the restriction will stay in force. It means you must carefully store this password, least you forget it – something that would be all too easy to do after say  5-years.

How Can You By-Pass BetBlocker

How Can You By-Pass BetBlockerAfter you have downloaded, installed, and activated BetBlocker, you will not be able to by-pass it. It makes sense. If you were able to, it would not make it a very effective anti-gambling tool. So, if you find yourself in a situation where circumstances have changed and you feel are ready to carry on gambling responsibly, you will have to try and uninstall it.

There are some tools in existence to help with the removal of BetBlocker from computers and laptops. The one that has the most credibility is Advanced Uninstaller PRO, which has been created to uninstall  BetBlocker 2.1.0.

BetBlocker Android App

While there is specific advice on how to remove BetBlocker from computers, there is nothing at the moment about uninstalling or disabling the Android app from mobiles. There is, however, advice about removing unwanted apps from an Android mobile device.

BetBlocker iOS App

The situation regarding removing iOS apps from mobile devices is very similar to that given above. However, a potential solution is shown on the website.

Any BetBlocker review you read will tell you that you cannot uninstall or deactivate an active BetBlocker program unless it has been set up under parental guidance conditions. If it has, the application of a previously lodged password will allow you to remove or deactivate it. It emphasises the gravity of understanding what you are letting yourself in for if you do decide to install it.

Other Gambling Restriction Programs

BetBlocker is a relative newcomer to the gambling control scene. There are already a number of other programs available. They include:


gamban logoGamban was specially designed to work with Windows. It features Cloud storage synching, a simple installation process with a video guide, and cross-platform, online support. It is not free. They offer a 7-day free trial period, after which the cost is around £25 per annum.


betfilterBetfilter has been around since 2008. It is compatible with Windows and has Android and iOS apps for mobile devices. It rates itself as the most popular anti-gambling programs with over 100,000 downloads. It costs approximately £5.50 per month per device.


gamblock logoGamblock describes itself as an advanced anti-gambling program that uses analytical tools to block gambling sites on computers running Windows operating systems and both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Gamblock basic (Gold) package costs approximately £75 per annum with their Platinum packed weighing in at around £125 and their Titanium package, £150.


freedomThis package is an all-inclusive website blocking program that can be used to block betting sites. Its “Forever” package costs approximately £110 per annum.

gamstopIt is impossible not to mention the Gamstop self-restriction scheme. Unlike the previously mentioned programs, Gamstop does not block platforms. It enters your personal data into the database used by online casinos that report to UKGC. Thus, you do not need to uninstall Gamstop, but rather find sites not registered with Gamstop.


⚡ Does BetBlocker work on websites that accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes, it does. The program is not based on currencies, but whether a website is associated with gambling.

⭐ What type of websites does BetBlocker block?

BetBlocker blocks any websites on its database that have direct links to gambling. There have been some reports of other sites like Facebook and YouTube being blocked as they may carry gambling ads or information.

💎 Does BetBlocker work if I use multiple email addresses to gamble?

Yes. It is device-specific and not related to email addresses, so it will work on the device to which it has been downloaded.