Gamblock and its uses

Advantages and potential negative features to GamblockSince its inception in 2000, GamBlock has been a pivotal tool in aiding thousands of individuals struggling with gambling addiction. Recognized as one of the most effective gambling restriction tools available, GamBlock specializes in blocking access not only to iGaming sites but also to trading platforms. It stands out from its competitors by utilizing sophisticated software that adeptly manages the ever-evolving landscape of new online casinos.

While GamBlock is not inherently opposed to legal gambling, its primary purpose is to support those who struggle to regulate their gambling habits. It offers a proactive solution for individuals seeking to control their gambling activities and plays a significant role in preventing underage gambling. When a user with GamBlock installed attempts to visit a gambling-related website or online casino, they receive a notification that access is restricted due to GamBlock. This restriction is specific to gambling activities, allowing users the freedom to browse other websites and maintain control over their internet use in all other respects.

Advantages and potential negative features to Gamblock

Advantages of using Gamblock

  • While GamBlock license is active a player cannot remove it and neither can it be bypassed and neither enter a gambling platform.
  • GamBlock automatically recognises gambling sites and gambling-related content and will block anyone before they access it without them having to enter addresses that they want to be blocked.
  • Players can choose the ban period to exclude themselves from gambling
  • Players will not be able to reset a PC or phone and even a factory reset to bypass GamBlock will not be possible
  • While many online casinos are partnered with GamBlock, they still won’t be able to access sites that are not partners.
  • GamBlock works on any device from PC to Mac and smartphone

Negative features of using Gamban

  • Gaming like innocent video games will be blocked too with the similarities between gaming and gambling even if it is only in words.
  • The customer support isn’t what it should be especially when a player chooses a basic account.
  • Gamblock is the most expensive blocker online and nobody will not be able to change their mind or bypass it when they want it removed.

Cost of Gamblock Installation & Pricing

GamBlock is not free and a person cannot claim a free trial either. The downside of the blocker might be its price which varies depending on which plan is chosen. It does not offer a single price as users can decide if they want all of their devices blocked or specifics. For example, there will pay a yearly price of $200.40 that will block a single mobile, like an Android. You can check the prices in the table above or at the official pricing page. Minimum and maximum prices are counted as amouunt of money you would pay for one device per month of protection.

Version of Gamblock Amount of Devises Months of Protection MIN Price MAX Price
Non-Samsung Android – GamBlock® Divergence 1 – 5 3, 6, 12, 24
Android Managed Exclusion 1 – 5 1, 2, 3, 6, 12
Windows Personal Titanium 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Personal Platinum 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Personal Gold 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Small Business Titanium 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Small Business Platinum 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Small Business Gold 1 – 5 12, 24, 36, 48, 60
Windows Corporate 10-100 12
iPhone and iPads for Power Users 1 – 10 14, 24
iPhone and iPads for Power Users – 30 Day Lock Mode 1 – 5 2, 3, 6, 12
GamBlock for Mac Computers 1 – 10 2, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60

Free alternatives to Gamblock

While you might want to gamble less or refrain from gambling for a while without taking the harsh step of total exclusion for longer periods, there are ways to take a break via mobile or desktop. You have full control whether you decide to stop gambling altogether or 24 hours.


gamstopWhen you live in the UK and registered at a casino licensed under UK Gambling Commission you can register at Gamstop. It takes up a few minutes of your time while you are paying nothing. You decide how long and what you want blocked.


betblockerBetblocker is free, which is certainly its main advantage while compatible with almost any device from smartphones to desktops of any make and model. With BetBlocker you can block access to 7, 000 gambling platforms with parental control and self-exclusion tools.

Casinos with self-restriction

There are more operators today that supports responsible gambling than not. Make sure that you are registered with one of the providers that offer inhouse restriction tools. These are reputable casinos that help players setting their own limits regarding deposits, time spent online, hours etc.

How to remove Gamblock software

Removing Gamblock Software After Self-Exclusion

Gamblock software provides users with options regarding the duration of its activation. As highlighted in Gamblock reviews, once selected, this period cannot be altered, and the software cannot be removed prematurely. After the chosen self-exclusion period expires, Gamblock should automatically deactivate from the device. In cases where it remains active, users can contact Gamblock’s support team for assistance in removal.

Selling a Device with Gamblock Installed

Gamblock’s design considers various scenarios to prevent relapses in gambling behavior. If a user sells a device with Gamblock installed, the software remains active until it is transferred to a new device. This measure is to prevent individuals from regaining access to gambling sites during vulnerable periods. An exception may be made only under the supervision of a licensed gambling counsellor.

Continued Use of Gamblock

Gamblock is developed with the understanding that users might recognize their gambling issues. However, once installed, users cannot uninstall Gamblock based on personal judgment of their recovery. This feature is in place to provide continuous protection, even if the user feels they have overcome their gambling problem. Removal of the software is generally not possible unless facilitated by a licensed counsellor.

Bypassing or Uninstalling Gamblock

Upon subscribing to Gamblock, users should be aware that removal or bypassing of the software is extremely difficult. Gamblock distinguishes itself by being one of the few online blockers with strict policies against removal or bypass. Attempts to remove or uninstall the software, even after extensive research, are largely unsuccessful. The only option for complete removal is to wipe the computer’s hard drive and reinstall the operating system, a drastic measure that also removes all other data, including software like Microsoft Office.

Paid Gamblock alternatives

If you are looking at other blockers try one of these which are also paid blockers:


net nanny logoNetNanny costs $39.99 per annum and compatible with Android, Apple, Mac, Windows and Kindle Fire. With this blocker, you can block most websites including casinos. It is a popular software for parental control.


betfilterThis blocker is affordable compared to others at $69.95 per annum and while it doesn’t offer a free trial, you have adequate videos and tutorials to see how it works. Included is an adblocker too.


gamban logoYou can get GamBan at $24.99 per annum but you can use it for 14 days free of charge. It is one of the most affordable self-exclusion tools that restrict non-UK gambling and trading sites as well as other iGaming platforms.

🛡️ What is Gamblock?

Gamblock is a software tool that helps prevent access to gambling sites in the UK. It uses advanced analytics to detect and block gambling websites and is available for multiple devices including Apple, Windows, Android, and Samsung. The software is subscription-based, with costs varying based on the number of devices. For example, a two-month subscription for two Apple devices costs $68.31. While Gamstop offers a free alternative for blocking gambling sites, Gamblock provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking to tackle gambling addiction on multiple fronts.

🛡️ Can I continue trading cryptocurrencies if I use Gamblock?

When you download and install GamBlock you will have various blocking options like cryptocurrency apps and websites. It is a personal choice and you can make the decision that your trading in crypto classifies as gambling. You will acknowledge that when you exclude yourself from crypto, it is irreversible for the period of the license. It is a decision that must be taken seriously before you hit the subscribe or exclude button as it cannot be reversed again until after the license has expired.

🛡️ What platforms does Gamblock block?

As the top anti-gambling software, you will not be able to access any casino or gambling platform. This includes all gambling-related products on social media.

🛡️ Does it matter to Gamblock if I have more than one gambling email address?

Using multiple email addresses for gambling might indicate a gambling problem. However, Gamblock’s functionality extends beyond email addresses. It completely blocks your devices, including computers and smartphones, from accessing any gambling-related accounts.

🛡️ Can I access Google Play with Gamblock active on my Android device?

Yes, you can still access Google Play and download non-gambling apps with Gamblock active on your Android device. The software specifically blocks gambling apps but allows access to other types of apps like banking, chat, and tools. The same applies to Apple devices with Gamblock installed.