GamStop FAQ: Everything UK gamblers need to know about

Gamstop FAQ

When it comes to the Gamstop, players from Great Britain are becoming intimidated by the mere thought about it. While some find it that Gamstop is a decent tool, imposed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to cope with problem gambling, others are irritated by the artificial barriers common for this gaming service. Those who are wondering about what the gamblers should expect from Gamstop, kindly read on to review our featured recension about this service, alongside giving answers to all the frequently asked questions.

GamStop FAQ: Gambling casino regulation

We found out that it is a responsible gaming service initiated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission with the aim of helping to tackle the problem gambling. For those curious how does Gamstop work, we compiled the recollection of the most frequently asked questions about this specific service.

Our rating team further did its best to deliver the explanations about Gamstop gambling help in the most accessible manner. From now on, you are free to follow our recension designed specifically for the GB gamblers, who have problematic gambling patterns.

What is Gamstop UK?

Simply put, it is the platform that allows to self-exclude from the online casinos for a specific time. During that process of self-exclusion, you will be required to provide all the relevant personal information, includes ones related to your identity, data that you use for creating an account, and other relevant information requires for a gambling website.

Some of you might ask: are all casinos on Gamstop? All the gambling brands that are operating in the UK are obliged to implement the support of this service. Any player that is feeling that gaming goes too far is free to use this service for the sake of restricting from real money gameplay.

How does Gamstop work

When it comes to the way how it really works, all players should be aware that it is built on the concept of self-exclusion. It means that this service is just supplementary for someone’s efforts to quit casino games. After submitting your personal information, you will be unable to make a deposit or access your beloved gaming providers.

The terms of the participation in the program are flexible, which is another great benefit of controlling how much do you actually play. A tricky point is that this service will restrict the access to the casinos operating under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, eventually enabling players to try the offshore platforms without any barriers or ban.

Is there anything particular about Gamstop locations?

Because this gaming service is part of the UK-based Gambling Commission, its physical offices and operational capacities are located in Britain. That means that after you agree to take part in the service, you won’t be able to make a pound cash-in, whereas the scope of the platform is limited to Great Britain.

What does Gamstop cover?

Any website that involves gambling, betting, or cash wagering is restricted for those who took part in the program. Since the full list of the platforms is limited only to the casinos that are the subjects of monitoring by the Gambling Commission, the service does not cover the offshore platforms.

How Gamstop works, and what will happen once I enroll?

Any gambler from the UK will be unable to access the casinos during the selected time frame. Both the login and registration modes will automatically block any attempts of the user to pursue gambling. Speaking of other possible modes of restriction, we also found out that security technologies of the service make it impossible to hack or break the protection system. Because of this crucial nuance, you should be aware that gambling is banned in any form and type on the whole jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

What happens when Gamstop ends?

Nothing really happens except for the process of removing your account details from all the online casinos and betting site options. You will have the option to gamble after contacting the website support representatives. Because of the moderate probabilities of returning to uncontrolled transfer flows from your credit cards to the online casinos, it is highly advisable to track how your attitude to gambling changed during the course of the enrollment.

Is Gamstop just online?

Since the service blocks all the gambling activities operating in the online domain, it doesn’t work in the brick and mortar venues. If you are seeking who does Gamstop cover, you should be aware that it works only in the online dimension. It is a great option for those looking for control in one of the most vulnerable environments, which is the Web.

How long does Gamstop last

You should be aware that the question of what happens when Gamstop ends depends on the time that you have chosen as your personal limit. There are three modes of self-exclusion, such as:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years

 After choosing a suitable option depending on your preferences, you should still know that Gamstop as a program works as long as you are willing to use it. Because of that, you can renew your control whenever you feel the need to receive a legit and secure help of Gamstop after exclusion, which is trusted by thousands of GB players across the country.

What about Gamstop gambling refund?

After you entered all the personal information and officially started your free-of-gambling lifestyle, the online casinos are obliged to proceed with Gamstop refund. If you made a payment before entering the program, an online casino has to issue a payout of your cash to the primary payment method.

You shouldn’t worry that much about the casino refund Gamstop because you will be able to proceed with your cash out, eventually withdrawing the amount of money by using your preferred banking option. The withdrawal process seems to be easy, whereas the over-reaching capacities of this regulator are just enough to force all the online casinos to proceed with returning money back to players.

Does Gamstop affect credit rating?

It isn’t that odd that some people enjoy criticizing the viable tools for the sake of spreading fake information. In our recension, we found out that there are some websites that declare that using Gamstop will negatively impact your credit rating if you’re a UK resident.

The good news for all the gamblers from the United Kingdom is that it is a hoax, which doesn’t deserve any of your attention. The explanation is rather simple since Gamstop is no more than a middleman between you and the online casinos, which makes it impossible to share any personal data to third-party institutions, such as banks.

How to contact Gamstop representatives?

It is overall easy to reach the Gamstop UK contact representatives of the company because it is available in various forms. Although the system doesn’t offer an online chat, you can lock your access to gambling websites by using a phone or the official website of the service. Having those options, players in the United Kingdom can make their self-exclusion more accessible just by using one of the mentioned Gamstop gambling contact types of communicating with the service.

How to avoid Gamstop?

Speaking of avoidance, we don’t actually recommend trying ways of avoiding the service. Anyway, you should be aware of the ways of gambling without the impact of Gamstop, which is still possible to the GB gamblers.

How to gamble with Gamstop?

First things first, you should be aware that there are certain companies based in the UK that still have not implemented the Gamstop software tools on their websites. You can read list of Gamstop registered casinos. That means that you should manually try accessing them to find out whether it is still possible to gamble with Gamstop or not.

Are there any casinos not on Gamstop?

The newbies usually ask the questions like: is Gamstop legit and is Gamstop free, whereas you should remember that not all of the casinos across the globe work with Gamstop. Actualy, there are loads of casinos without Gamstop. That means you can access the gambling services on offshore companies that work in different jurisdictions to gamble without any limits and barriers.

Are there any betting sites that are not on Gamstop?

It seems that the same rules apply as the ones related to online casinos. You can easily place wagers and bets for real money on offshore betting sites that operate, for instance, on the Curacao jurisdiction. We have prepared you a list of top sports betting sites not on Gamstop.

How to reverse the ban by using Gamstop login?

According to the official Gamstop terms and conditions, it is impossible to reverse the enrollment in the program, even after contacting the representatives on the website. If you want to stop your participation in the program, try reading our article with explanation of gamstop reversal possibilities.