Aquarings Casino Mini Game

Aquarings casino mini game
Dive into the deep blue where, among weird sea creatures and seaweed, you’ll find Aqua rings that could be your ticket to luck. Remember those old water games with colourful rings and sticks? This is what this game by MyStake offers – the perfect way to have fun like in the old days.

Min Bet 0.20
Max Bet 1000.00
Max Win 10000.00
RTP 99%

AquaRings MyStake Game Rules

Aquarings casino gameplay

Basic Gameplay

  • Objective: Place rings on the five poles displayed on the screen to win.
  • Rings: Players can choose to play with 1 to 5 rings at a time. These rings appear in random colours, which have no specific significance to the gameplay.

Scoring and Bonus Rounds

  • Scoring: Placing 5 rings on any one pole earns the player a bonus score.
  • Bonus Accumulation: After accumulating 10 bonus scores, the betting process halts, and the player enters a bonus round.
  • Bonus Round: During the bonus round, 10 golden rings appear from the bottom of the screen. The value of each golden ring is determined based on the average value of the bets placed on the 5 rings that secured the initial bonus score.

Risk Levels and Multipliers

Players can adjust the game’s risk level, which affects the coefficient multipliers of the poles.

  • Low Risk: Multipliers are set at 2.00X, 3.00X, 1.50X, 4.00X, and 1.70X for each pole, respectively.
  • Medium Risk: Multipliers change to 2.00X, 7.00X, 4.00X, 8.00X, and 6.00X.
  • High Risk: Multipliers are adjusted to 10.00X, 4.00X, 15.00X, 20.00X, and 7.00X.

Unlike in many other casino mini games, changing the game’s risk level during gameplay will result in the loss of progress.

Bonus Round Multipliers

  • Golden Ring Multipliers: Each golden ring in the bonus round comes with a randomly generated multiplier ranging from 10x to 100x.
  • Win Calculation: Wins are determined by multiplying the golden ring’s multiplier by the average value of the 5 rings that initiated the bonus score. The total win in the bonus round is the sum of the last bet plus the overall value of the golden rings placed on the pole.

Pros and Cons of AquaRings Casino Game

Pros Cons
Simple gameplay Random & irrelevant colours
Adjustable risk levels Progress lost with risk change
Bonus rounds Malfunctions & void winnings
Variable multipliers Limited strategic elements
Nostalgic design Reliance on bonus rounds for big wins

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