Teleport Casino Mini Game

Teleport casino mini game
In the captivating casino mini-game “Teleport,” the realms of science and magic intertwine harmoniously, each following its own principles without conflict. Dr. Alistair, a brilliant yet eccentric scientist, has unlocked the mysteries of quantum physics, revealing a method to traverse parallel universes. However, these alternate dimensions are not always welcoming to interlopers. It’s up to you to assist the adventurous scientist in navigating away from perilous portals that pose the risk of catastrophic explosions.

Min Bet 0.20
Max Bet 1000.00
Max Win 10000.00
RTP 99%

Teleport Mini Game Rules

Teleport casino gameplay

Game Objective

Primary Goal: Your objective in this game by Santeda International is to select the correct portal to enable the scientist to teleport to another universe.

Portal Selection

  • Safety Warning: Not all portals are safe. It’s crucial to choose your next step with caution.
  • Successful Teleportation: Choosing the correct portal advances the scientist to the next row.
  • Dangerous Portals: An incorrect choice leads to the scientist’s demise, and you will lose your bet.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Board Structure: The game features several rows of portals, from the bottom to the top, with increasing coefficients as Dr. Alistair ascends.
  • Board Customization: Players can modify the number of boards by selecting from two versions of board alignment, which also alters the coefficients.

Pros and Cons of Teleport MyStake Game

Pros Cons
High RTP (99%): This MyStake casino game offers a high Return to Player, indicating better chances of winning. Small Icons: The game’s interface might feature small icons, making it difficult for some players to navigate or recognize game elements.
Field Customization: Players can manage the quantity of fields, tailoring the game’s complexity and strategy to their preferences.
Two Game Modes: Provides variety through different modes, catering to diverse playstyles and offering fresh experiences.

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