Gambling Commission CEO Emphasizes Industry Compliance and Collaborative Efforts for Safer Gambling

Andrew RhodesAndrew Rhodes, the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, delivered a keynote speech at the GambleAware Annual Conference held on December 6, 2023, highlighting crucial points pertinent to the gambling industry’s landscape:

Acknowledging the busy schedule of the conference, Rhodes swiftly delved into the pressing matters facing the gambling industry. He stressed the significance of collaborative efforts highlighted by the event’s theme – the joint pursuit of implementing the White Paper and fostering a safer gambling environment.

Rhodes commended the noteworthy progress observed within the industry over recent months. He pointed out a marked improvement in the gambling industry’s commitment to meeting the Commission’s standards and complying with regulations. This progress, Rhodes noted, has resulted in a decrease in severe instances of gambling-related issues, signaling a positive trajectory for the industry.

He underlined the Commission’s open stance toward partnering with like-minded entities striving for safer, fairer, and crime-free gambling. Rhodes lauded initiatives like GamProtect, aimed at safeguarding vulnerable gamblers, and stressed the value of global collaboration among regulators to achieve shared objectives.

Additionally, Rhodes emphasized the Commission’s dedication to enhancing evidence, data, and research on gambling in Great Britain. He highlighted the development of the Gambling Survey for Great Britain, designed to offer detailed and up-to-date insights into gambling behaviors and related harms. Moreover, the Commission identified six priority areas for collaborative efforts to improve the evidence base on gambling issues.

Highlighting international cooperation, Rhodes stressed the Commission’s engagement with global gambling regulators to exchange best practices and address common failings. Encouraging other jurisdictions to adopt standards set in Great Britain for online gambling, he emphasized the importance of setting high standards from the outset.

Rhodes underscored the value of collaboration with stakeholders and organizations present at the conference. He highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance evidence and research related to gambling activities in Great Britain, mentioning past conferences and future initiatives aimed at addressing identified evidence gaps.

Furthermore, Rhodes detailed the progress made in enhancing the Gambling Survey for Great Britain, emphasizing the monumental efforts to collect better data for improved regulation.

In closing, Rhodes expressed commitment to delivering on the Government’s White Paper, urging participation in consultations and embracing the changes needed for effective gambling regulation. He highlighted ongoing consultations on various topics, encouraging responses from all stakeholders to refine and implement effective policies.

Rhodes concluded by affirming the potential for the upcoming years to drive significant advancements in safer, fairer, and crime-free gambling practices. He echoed the conference’s theme, urging collective efforts to embark on this new chapter in gambling.

Read the full transcription of the speach on the Gambling Commission website.