Growing Concerns Over Gambling Advertising in Football: Survey Reveals Alarming Trends

gambling adds concerns
A recent survey by the Football Supporters Association (FSA) has revealed that three-quarters of football fans are concerned about the pervasive presence of gambling advertising and sponsorship in football. This sentiment is echoed by new research, which finds that two in three members of the public believe there is an excessive amount of gambling advertising.

Public Sentiment on Gambling Ads

According to the FSA’s survey, 73% of football fans are worried about the extent of gambling advertising and sponsorship around the sport. Additionally, 66% of fans advocate for a complete ban on gambling sponsorship in football. The general public shares similar concerns, with 67% feeling that there is too much gambling advertising in the media, and 66% worried about its impact on children.

Impact on Vulnerable Individuals

Research indicates that gambling advertising is significantly more likely to influence those already experiencing gambling harm, making them 40 times more likely to spend more money and time on gambling. This data suggests that the high volume of gambling advertisements, especially during major sporting events like the World Cup, may exacerbate the problem for those most vulnerable.

GambleAware Calls for Stricter Regulations

GambleAware, a leading charity focused on preventing and treating gambling harms, is calling for stricter regulations on gambling advertising. Their new report, “Gambling marketing in Great Britain: What needs to change and why,” recommends:

  • Banning gambling marketing at sports events, including removing sponsorships from sports clothing, merchandise, and stadium areas.
  • Implementing a pre-watershed ban on all broadcast gambling advertising on TV, Video On Demand, and radio.
  • Including independent, evidence-led health warnings in all gambling marketing, with clear signposting to support services.

Voices from the Community

Zoë Osmond, Chief Executive of GambleAware, emphasized the urgency of addressing gambling advertising:

“Millions of people across the country have been coming together this summer, excited to watch the Euros. However, our research shows that most of them feel there is too much gambling advertising in the media and around football. Exposure to gambling advertising normalises gambling, and makes it seem like just ‘harmless fun’ without showing the risks of gambling addiction and harm.”

David Rose, Deputy Chief Executive of the FSA, highlighted the concerns of football fans:

“Our survey data shows a large majority of fans are concerned about the prevalence of gambling advertising around football, whether that’s shirt sponsors, pitchside hoardings or on TV coverage. Our partnership with GambleAware helps us to highlight those concerns, and allows us to show supporters where they can get help if they feel like their gambling has become a problem.”

Seeking Help and Support

GambleAware urges anyone worried about gambling harm, or those who want to stop gambling, to seek support. The National Gambling Helpline offers confidential advice and is available 24/7 at 0808 8020 133. Additionally, the National Gambling Support Network provides resources and treatment services across Great Britain to help individuals manage their gambling issues.