48% of Britons Reported Engaging in Gambling Activities, Survey Finds

The Gambling Commission has unveiled groundbreaking findings from its first comprehensive survey on gambling habits in Great Britain. In collaboration with NatCen, the survey reached out to 4,801 adults aged 18 and over from July to November 2023, offering a revealing look at the nation’s gambling activities.

Survey Methodology Explained

The survey aimed to capture a broad and accurate picture of gambling across Britain, employing a transparent and methodical approach. Detailed in their reports, the methodology underscores the survey’s credibility while acknowledging the challenges and measures taken to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Major Discoveries

gambling engagement in UK

  • Participation Rates: Nearly half of the respondents (48%) reported engaging in some form of gambling in the past month. However, excluding those who only participated in lottery games, the figure drops to 27%.
  • Lottery’s Popularity: Lottery games, including the National Lottery and charity lotteries, are particularly popular, with 21% of participants engaging exclusively in these activities.
  • Demographic Patterns: Initially, gambling appears most prevalent among individuals aged 45 to 54. Yet, when excluding lottery-only participants, younger adults (18 to 44 years old) emerge as the predominant gambling group.
  • Online vs. In-Person Gambling: Online gambling participation stood at 38%, but this rate falls to 16% without lottery-only gamblers. In contrast, in-person gambling participation is 29%, reducing to 18% when excluding those who only play the lottery.
  • Preferred Gambling Activities: Lotteries lead as the favored choice (31% for National Lottery draws), followed by scratchcards (13%), betting (10%), and instant wins (7%).
  • Motivations for Gambling: The primary reasons for gambling include entertainment and the chance to win money, highlighting the dual motivations of enjoyment and financial gain.