Independent Assessment Endorses Gambling Survey for Great Britain

independent review from ukgcIn a significant development for gambling research in the UK, the Gambling Survey for Great Britain (GSGB) has received high praise from Professor Patrick Sturgis of the London School of Economics. The independent review, lauds the GSGB’s development process as “exemplary in all respects.”

The review aimed to evaluate the GSGB’s methodological approach, comparing it to the best practices within the context of current survey methodologies. It also aimed to analyze how these methodologies might impact the estimates of gambling participation and the prevalence of gambling-related harms, along with offering recommendations for further improvement.

This assessment marks a crucial step in the GSGB’s journey towards becoming a key source of official statistics, with the first wave of data set to be published at the end of February 2024.

Professor Sturgis commended the Gambling Commission’s efforts, stating,

“The Gambling Commission has engaged with a broad range of stakeholders and followed industry standards of best practice in developing a survey design that can be expected to yield high quality and timely estimates of gambling prevalence in Great Britain.”

He further emphasized the importance of the GSGB for the future, highlighting key recommendations for the Commission to ensure the ongoing quality and robustness of the statistics to bolster stakeholder and public confidence.

Tim Miller, Executive Director of Research and Policy at the Gambling Commission, expressed his satisfaction with the report’s conclusions.

“We are delighted that Professor Sturgis’s report concludes that the Gambling Commission have followed best practice in developing the GSGB survey,” Miller said.

Miller underscored the Commission’s commitment to enhancing regulatory measures through improved data and evidence. He welcomed the report’s recommendations as a guide for understanding the impacts of the recent changes in survey design and methodology.

“We recognize that all methodologies need to continue to evolve and improve over time, and this independent report helps to highlight some initial areas of focus once our new approach has gone live,” he added.

The endorsement of the GSGB by an independent review underscores the Gambling Commission’s dedication to fostering a better understanding of gambling behaviors and harms in Great Britain, thereby aiming for a more regulated and safer gambling environment.

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