Allwyn Takes the Helm: A New Era for the National Lottery

February 1, 2024 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the National Lottery as the Fourth National Lottery Licence takes effect, with Allwyn stepping in as the new operator. This transition, endorsed by the Gambling Commission, sets the stage for a decade focused on enhancing the contributions to Good Causes while ensuring the lottery remains a safe option for players.

After intense competition with IGT, Allwyn promises to bring investment and innovation to the National Lottery, aiming for growth across its various products and channels. This approach is designed to increase the funds directed towards good causes, all while maintaining the integrity and safety of the lottery experience for participants.

Since its inception in 1994, the National Lottery has been a pivotal force in supporting charitable causes across the UK. Players have raised over £48 billion, benefiting over 685,000 initiatives that touch on arts, sports, heritage, and community projects, showcasing the lottery’s significant impact on society.

A notable introduction with the Fourth Licence is the ‘Incentive Mechanism.’ This new feature ensures that all National Lottery products contribute equally to Good Causes. It also establishes a direct correlation between the financial success of Allwyn, the operator, and the increase in funds for Good Causes, ensuring their interests are aligned with the community’s welfare.

Andrew Rhodes, the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, expressed his enthusiasm for this landmark moment, highlighting that this is the first instance of a change in the National Lottery’s operator. He emphasized that the new licence structure is crafted to ensure a greater portion of the lottery’s revenue supports Good Causes, aligning with the National Lottery’s 30th-anniversary celebrations. Rhodes assures that the Commission, along with Allwyn and the government, is dedicated to making the Fourth Licence a triumph for both players and the numerous Good Causes it supports.

John Tanner, the Gambling Commission’s Executive Director and Senior Responsible Owner for the Fourth National Lottery Licence competition, extended his gratitude towards both Allwyn for taking on the role of the new operator and Camelot, the outgoing operator, for their efforts in ensuring a smooth transition. Tanner also recognized the hard work of many individuals, especially those at the Commission, who have been instrumental in preparing for the next ten years of the National Lottery, aiming for even greater success and impact.

As the Fourth National Lottery Licence begins, the focus is firmly on the future, with a commitment to innovation, growth, and, most importantly, increasing support for Good Causes across the UK.