Record High Registrations for Gamstop in 2023 as UK Players Seek Gambling Exclusion

Gamstop, the national self-exclusion scheme for Great Britain, has reached a milestone in 2023, with registrations hitting a record high. The scheme, which enables individuals to self-exclude from gambling activities, reported a significant 9.5% year-on-year increase in new sign-ups.

Unprecedented Growth

In a revealing statistic, more than 92,000 players registered with Gamstop in the 12 months leading up to December 31, 2023. This number surpasses the previous record of 84,000 set in 2022, underscoring the growing reliance on the scheme as a tool for managing gambling habits. Notably, a significant portion of registrants, 55%, opted for the maximum exclusion period of five years.gamstop self exclusion

Monthly and Demographic Trends

May 2023 saw a new monthly high in Gamstop registrations, with 8,591 individuals signing up. This spike is part of a broader trend that indicates increasing awareness and utilization of the scheme.

Moreover, there has been a noteworthy shift in the demographics of registrants. The latter half of 2023 witnessed a 31% year-on-year rise in registrations among the 16-24 age group. This younger demographic accounted for 21% of all new registrations in the six months to December, up from 17% in the preceding year.

Total Impact Since Inception

Since its launch in April 2018, Gamstop has seen a total of 433,357 consumers register for self-exclusion. This cumulative figure reflects the scheme’s growing impact and reach within the UK.

Statements from Gamstop CEO

Gamstop CEO Fiona Palmer emphasized the continuous increase in registrants.

“The sustained growth in numbers shows the critical role of self-exclusion in aiding those grappling with gambling issues,” Palmer stated.

She also highlighted the commitment to expanding awareness of Gamstop, particularly among friends and families of individuals affected by gambling.

Focus on Young Adults

Palmer expressed particular concern about the rising numbers of young adults using Gamstop. She underscored the importance of educating this age group and outlined plans for continued outreach in 2024. This effort will involve collaboration with various organizations and support from football clubs associated with Gamstop.


The record figures for 2023 underline the importance of Gamstop in the landscape of gambling regulation in the UK. With a focus on spreading awareness and targeting younger demographics, Gamstop continues to play a vital role in providing support and resources for those seeking to manage their gambling activities responsibly.