Gamban explored – How does Gamban work to save your bankroll

Gamban explored how does Gamban work to save your bankroll

When you know you are at risk of losing more than your current bankroll and feel your gambling is out of control, it is time for considering a self-exclusion tool like Gamban. Various casinos do not support GamStop which is why software developed specifically to ban players have been developed. While you can stop yourself from gambling, you can also exclude yourself from other activities like trading and cryptocurrencies too. While players might access sites like review sites, they cannot register on a casino or make deposits or withdrawals. The aim of the software is detecting transactions taking place.

Gamban positives & negatives to look out for

Pros of using Gamban

  • Compared to other self-restriction software this is the cheapest while remaining effective
  • You cannot unblock yourself like you could on a casino website that offers self-exclusion software, and neither can you uninstall Gamban while licensing is active
  • You can download it via Play Store and Google Play for mobile devices
  • Try it before you buy it- unlike most other paid self-exclusion tools, you can test it and see how it works and how effective it is. Try it for a 14-day trial before committing.
  • Other tools like this cost 10 x the amount and while just as good if not better, it is the cheapest exclusion software
  • Quick, easy and fast download on desktop and smartphone

Cons of using Gamban

  • There have been claims that it was impossible accessing the Internet regardless of which website that isn’t related to casinos or gambling
  • Comparing it with other tools, customer service isn’t as good as it doesn’t offer live support.
  • Players have reported that they could bypass its software

How does Gamban work

Compatible devices with Gamban UK

Compatible devices with Gamban UK

It can be used on desktop devices operated by:

  • Windows;
  • Mac OS;

It is also perfect for iPhone users and well as iPad. Gamban Android is equally effective and installs quick and easy without any visible sign that you have it installed.

Gamban cost or is Gamban free

gamban pricing

Compared to similar blocking software is this one of the cheapest. It begins with a Gamban free trial of two weeks. Players can test it and when they are happy that it works well on all of their devices, they can subscribe and install it on as many devices from Android to GamBan iOS and all desktops computers or laptops and tablets. It is only $24.99 per year with no other costs. Players that wish for a shorter period like cool off gambling for a month can do so. In this instance choose a 7-day free trial and pay only 2.49 Euros per month. A single subscription covers all devices.

Learn How to remove Gamban

After the self-exclusion period

It will uninstall only after the subscription period is over with no way for users looking for ways how to remove GamBan from laptop and neither how to remove GamBan from iPhone or other devices before due date. Due to the nature of this blocking device players can decide on having direct access removed from their device which will be the dashboard. The device license, however, will expire and disappear from the device after the subscription has expired. No need to contact support unless it does not disappear on its own. After the pre-requested period, any player can access all previously banned content automatically. It is recommended that players access their Gamban dashboard in preventing the subscription from renewing. This can only be done when a subscription is due for renewal and the payment method removed.

Selling your device while having Gamban

Players that want to sell their device while having an active GamBan app will not find ways how to uninstall Gamban. The reason for this is simply because gamblers with a real problem will potentially think of any possible way of accessing casinos that they will attempt to get rid of the self-exclusion by faking a sale. Surely, they can sell their device, but the app will remain on the buyer’s device until software is transferred to another device. The device and an email address are linked with software, therefore should a person contact the support team that will help with a Gamban uninstall and reinstallation. Players that look for way how to remove Gamban from laptop or remove Gamban from smartphones might have to do a factory reset of the device.

When you are OK with gambling

Players that feel that they no longer need Gamban will not be able to decide that they no longer need it. When signing up for the software, any individual makes a decision based on personal experience. When acknowledging a problem, could potentially mean that at the time when thinking rationally that it is something that needs addressing. This is taken into consideration that the player is at a vulnerable stage and wants to gamble therefore will it be pointless looking for ways on how to deactivate Gamban. Players cannot decide to remove Gamban and neither can they delete Gamban.

Bypassing Gamban to continue gambling

While developers assure and guarantees that there is no way how to uninstall Gamban during its subscription period, it might not be quite true. There have been users with a fully paid subscription that have bypassed Gamban. Since you have people that support others that are trying to stop gambling, you will not find a blatant explanation and step-by-step guide on how bypassing it is possible.

Uninstalling Gamban

However, some Gamblers do recommend that some smartphones can allow uninstallation. Others also recommend that you access your phone settings and change the battery settings that give Gamban minimum access to use a battery. Gamban cannot function properly and accurately when it does not have full access to battery use.

Get around Gamban

Try your luck in the following list of casinos. Start with using other devices to play with:

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Gamban alternatives to look at

If you are looking at other blockers try one of these:


gamblock logoGamBlock might be the most expensive casino blocker but also excellent. It does not allow you to access any gambling or gambling-related site, and neither will you be able to bypass it. It works on a different payment principle to Gamban. It depends on what type of device if you want more than one device and also what period. A cheaper option like a basic support one-year personal plan for Windows is approximately $191.95. There is no free trial as with Gamban but despite the price, it is an established software that doesn’t have problems, and neither can you uninstall or bypass it.


betfilterBetFilter is affordable at only $5.83 monthly and perfect for Mac, Windows as well as smartphones. It offers only relevant blocking and no other websites will not be available while it also guarantees 100% discretion with nobody knowing you have it activated if you don’t want them to know.


net nanny logoNetNanny software was initially aimed only at parents to prevent children from accessing unwanted content. While still used as a parental control app, it is used as prevention of under-aged gambling and players that use it as way of self-excluding for periods. You can block a lot of websites aside from casinos which makes it great for families with children. The yearly subscription is $39.99 and can be used on multiple devices with one license.

Free alternatives to Gamban

If you feel you don’t want to pay for exclusion yourself from play, you have other options aside from this one and its paid alternatives.


gamstopOnline casinos, in particular those from the United Kingdom have Gamstop self exclusion scheme, in support of responsible gambling. You can try this as alternative when you feel you don’t have a serious gambling problem or use it in conjunction with one of the apps here. If you are disappointed of the way GamStop worse, you can always get back to Casinos not Supporting Gamstop.


betblockerBetBlocker is a recommended tool that is effective and promises full blocking from casinos. The only downside with BetBlocker is that it does not have software from mobile devices only Mac, Linux and Windows.


🔒 Will I be able to trade or use cryptocurrencies if I'm on Gamban?

Cryptocurrencies and trading are linked which is a gambling habit that you also want to avoid. Also, most online casinos offer cryptocurrency payment options which is something that you planned to avoid with the subscription. Therefore, will you not be able having a way to get around Gamban to access cryptocurrencies.

🔒 What does Gamban block and will I be able to play games on Facebook?

It may block all gambling-related content and casinos. You may not be able or allowed gambling at any online portal where money is exchanged or where you are making a deposit or withdrawal. It could includes all games including social games like on Facebook and other fantasy games etc.

🔒 What if I have registered at Gamban with multiple email addresses at online casinos?

It does not matter if you used more than one email address as the device’s IP address that you use is blocked as well. While you can choose which email address you associate with the account it will not help you when the rest of your details cannot be falsified and neither will there be another way how to get round Gamban too gamble once you have subscribed.

🔒 Can I access casinos after I installed Gamban?

You might have the casinos still in your device memory. After you have the software on the device of PC, clear the device cache and cookies and restart the computer or phone.