All You Need to Know about VPN for Gambling Sites

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The online casino industry in the UK is thriving. You are allowed to access over 140 websites that allow online gambling. Most of them are registered and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. But if you become part of the GAMSTOP program, it will ban you from accessing these sites. Casinos that allow VPN may be the solution.

This service offers protection for your location, so it opens the doors to the international gambling industry.

What does this mean, exactly? Can you play restricted casino through VPN from the UK? Yes! A Virtual Private Network enables you to access casinos registered in foreign countries, even if they don’t allow British players to join. After a simple installation process, you’ll break the geo barriers of gambling sites. Once you have the best VPN for online casinos, you’ll need a list of sites that you can access. We’ve got you covered on that!


What Is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

When landing on any website, it collects data about you. This affects your privacy, but it also prevents navigation through geo-restrictive websites. Gamblers use a VPN for gambling sites when they want to access services that don’t accept players from their location.

When you download the VPN or install it on your browser, you will pay a low monthly fee. In return, you will get encryption of your data from a secure server. A Canadian gambling site may not accept British players, but it will be tricked into accepting you, since the VPN will give out a location that is accepted.

How Does an Online Casino VPN Work?

When you connect to a website the usual way, you do it through your Internet service provider (ISP). This is how the website collects data on your address of Internet Protocol (IP), which reveals your location.

When playing online casino games with VPN, the process is different. Your device connects to a website not through the ISP, but through the chosen Virtual Private Network server. The site collects information from that server, and it doesn’t have access to your true IP address.

  • People who use a Virtual Private Network often wonder: who will resolve the DNS requests? The Domain Name System is a name directory, which matches with the numbers of your IP address. When using VPN for gambling, it may assign a new DNS for the session. The most secure type is the one that works in Tunnel Mode. It sends data through the VPN stack.
  • The private network makes your data unreadable (encrypted) until it reaches its final destination. Then, the website sees the IP address that a good VPN provider creates for you. It’s how the VPN online casinos system works: you trick sites into thinking that you’re located elsewhere.
  • The VPN doesn’t eliminate cookies. However, it will prevent sites to use those cookies to “profile” you as their user.

Top 3 Services of VPN for Gambling

#1 PureVPN

vpn for gambling sites

Available on
Windows, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Linux, Android, Roku, and several other devices
Multi logins
Server locations
Number of servers
$10.95 per month; $4.16 per month for the 1-year plan

For those who need a security-focused VPN online casinos service, this is an excellent choice. Whenever you go online, PureVPN will protect you through an anonymous and encrypted AES 256-bit network.

In addition to foreign gambling sites, PureVPN will also unblock most streaming services. The network is maintained on over 6500 servers across 140 countries, so you can count on fast gambling, browsing, downloading, and streaming.

This is the best VPN for those who want to try something before buying. It gives you a 31-day money back guarantee period. If you feel like it’s not the best VPN for gambling, you can cancel your subscription and you’ll get a refund.

The only downside is the lack of premium tech support. The users get their answers, but not at the speed and efficiency they would like.

#2 Hola

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Available on
iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, and more
Multi logins
up to 10 (only for Premium plans)
Server locations
1000 (only for Premium plans)
Number of servers
Free / Premium costs $10.99 per month or $5.39 per month for the one-year plan

Hola is a very popular VPN for gambling. It’s the fastest VPN that you can try for free. A UK connection test showed download speeds of 71.61 Mbps on a 75 Mbps connection.

You might be wondering: why is Hola free? It doesn’t hide your IP address through foreign servers. Instead, it works on a peering system. You’ll use someone else’s IP address, and another user will be connected to yours. This raises a question: is gambling with a VPN safe? The “peer” concept is not the safest option. But for a free tool, it does its job perfectly well. If you decide to upgrade to Premium, you’ll get better security features and encryption of all your data.


casinos that allow vpn

Available on
Windows, iOS, macOS, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, Blackberry, Chrome, and more
Multi logins
Server locations
Number of servers
Free up to 10GB / $12.95 per month for the Premium Plan ($8.32 per month for the one-year plan)

Many gamblers rank as the best VPN for gambling, mainly because of its download/upload speeds and security features. The service is 100% safe for its users. It will not keep any logs of their data.

This is one of the most popular VPN providers for US streaming services, such as Hulu, Disney+, DAZN, PlayStation Vue, and more. But it’s also a functional VPN for gambling sites.

The biggest advantage is that there’s a free version. Although it’s limited to 10GB of data per month, you can use it as a test to see if is worth paying for.

compare VPN servises prises

Reasons to Use VPN for Gambling

If you’re blocked from UK casinos and you’re looking for a way to bypass the ban, a VPN will unblock your access to international websites. The site will assume you hold an IP address from a country whose players are allowed to enter. Thus, you’ll get automatic access to all its features.

Is it Allowed to Play in a Casino with a VPN?

is VPN legal to use on Gambling platformsThe UK regulations are liberal towards VPN services. You are allowed to subscribe to such a network and use it to add extra security to your Internet practices. However, using it to get around geo-restrictions is tricky. Under the Investigatory Powers Act, a VPN service is required to provide access to your data when requested.

Important to note! Use of VPN services in UK is not prohibited by law. But the restrictions can be specified in the T&C of the specific online casinos. Most casinos carefully monitor the violation of the rules regarding the registration of multiple accounts by one user. Using public free VPN utilities, you can inadvertently be mixed up with an already registered user.

This brings us to an important question: is gambling with a VPN safe if you want to withdraw your money? All online casinos will require proof of identity before they transfer your money. That’s why it’s important to choose a tested website with proper licensing. We already listed a few of the sites that won’t cause any problems. We recommend choosing Malta or Sweden as a location for your IP address. Those countries are known for their liberal regulation of online gambling. Their players are internationally accepted.

Using VPN for Gambling on Non-GAMSTOP Sites

The GAMSTOP program is useful for those who want to withdraw from gambling over a specific period of time. But for those who are used to playing every single day, an immediate withdrawal is too hard. The self-restriction period is too long (6 months, 1 year or 5 years). Maybe you feel ready to return to control playing before it’s over.

online casinos not in gamstop

If you have any reason for bypassing GAMSTOP, a VPN for online casinos is an excellent solution. Your Internet Protocol address will receive a shield, and you’ll be able to enter any international gambling site.

The Use of a Secure VPN Goes Beyond Gambling

In addition to using VPN for gambling sites, you’ll rely on the service for other things:

  • If you like online sports wagering but you see that a foreign website gives you better odds, you can use VPN for betting.
  • These services are also used for streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, and other services without being slowed down by your Internet service provider. The providers are known to slow down the connection, with an intention to cut back on streaming usage. For this same reason, many people use VPN for firestick. We should also mention the fact that there are TV streaming services in other countries that operate for free.

How to Play in a Casino with a VPN

There are a few ways to rely on a Virtual Private Network for online gambling:

VPN for Chrome and other browsers

Browser VPN addon

This program will integrate with your browser. It’s usually cheaper than an app, and it may even come for free. It’s really easy to install; you’ll just download the extension and activate it when you need to access gambling sites.

VPN for Windows, macOS or Linux

PC VPN app

This is an application that you’ll install on your computer. It will encrypt your entire outgoing traffic and transfer the data through a remote server. It’s the most secure type of VPN for online casinos, since it will work on downloadable casino apps and all browsers that you use.

VPN for iPhone or Android

If you gamble from your phone, apps VPN for Android or iPhone will encrypt data from all your apps.

VPN router service

When you’re playing online casino games with VPN from multiple devices connected to the same router, this might be the perfect solution. You won’t need to install apps and extensions on each device. You only need to get a VPN router.


⏩ What does the VPN server hide?

A reliable VPN will hide your IP address and all data that it gives out. Online casinos rely on your IP address to discover your location. By accessing gambling sites with VPN, you’ll bypass restrictions towards British gamblers.

💯 Is using VPN in casino illegal?

Websites often gather information that we don’t want to share. Privacy protection makes VPN critical for Internet users. That’s why the laws of most countries do not prevent it. In the UK, it’s completely legal to protect your IP address with Virtual Private Network. There might be some issues with gambling sites, which will require proof of your identity and location. That’s why we gave you a list of safe foreign casinos that you can access.

🤑 Banking: how do you get paid from a casino if using a VPN?

We recommend you to use an international payment service when you hide your location for online gambling. Skrill and other e-wallets are accepted on most websites for real money transitions. Do your research; it’s important to rely on a casino that will process a withdrawal without inquiring about your location too much.