How to get around Gamstop: Review for British players

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When it comes to the stringent security measures imposed by GamStop to maintain the self exclusion periods for the GB players, some groups of gamblers are intimidated by them. If you were wondering how to avoid the self exclusion period and return to gambling for real money, you happened just on the right page. Because UK gamblers are limited by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), accompanied by Gamstop, there are always a few ways to get around, which are to be discussed below.

Change ID details Use Friends ID Land Based Casinos Use VPN

Non UK casinos

▼ Or simply navigate to one of the casinos not on Gamstop program ▼

How to get around Gamstop: General casino information

how to get past gamstopSpeaking of the Gamstop as a whole, we find it relevant to mention that it works universally across the United Kingdom. Gamblers are excluded from all the gambling activities, betting, software providers, and other related brands because of being on the secure Gamstop database.

The process of self-excluding, according to the licensed the UKGC software, makes it impossible to log in, register, or engage with a gambling website in any way. The crucial point is that the casinos registered with Gamstop comply with the rules enforced by the UKGC, eventually forcing players to enroll in the service once they have the problematic gambling patterns. The time frames of the participation include 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years, which is obviously too long in either of the options.

If you have seen that your beloved casino released generous bonus promotions or offered extra credits by using a specific payment method, you will want to return to gambling, alongside getting around Gamstop. Lucky you that we have compiled all the working strategies available to GB players in 2022 Read on to get acquainted with all of them in our featured rating article.

How to bypass Gamstop: TOP 5 Guides

is there a way around gamstopOverall, there are 4 legit ways of getting around Gamstop without having any further consequences. These options include using different pieces of data, asking your friends for help, using VPN, and gambling on the offshore gaming platforms. Each of these variants works right now, meaning that you can return to the good-old gameplay by following our recommendations and how-to tips. Even though UKGC and Gamstop tried their best to ensure absolute safety to GB players, these ways around have proven to be the most consistent ways to gamble during the self-exclusion period. Stay tuned.

#1 Details to change to get around Gamstop (3 / 5)

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can you get around gamstopFirst things first, the Gamstop database works somewhat unique in terms of working with data. The easiest way to play on any gambling site is to create a new account by using different pieces of information. Just try to access the UK website and head on directly to the section of registration.

There, you will have to fill in the contact data, such as the email, phone, personal details, and even banking option for a deposit.

Note: The crucial point is that you are obliged to use the information that is different from the one you have filled in on the website of Gamstop.

Once you’ve managed to fill all the pieces of data differently, you will be able to play for real money, alongside having no limitations that are common to the way how Gamstop works.

The answer to the question of what details to change to get around Gamstop is really simple: all the data you entered when registered your Gamstop account should be changed.

First step: Change your FCs. Don’t start from using fake names. Your goal is to find how to get past Gamstop and reach online casino games, not to get banned. Make typos in your name or surname:

  • Spell your name another way: Kristine rather than Christine, Tommas instead of Tomas
  • Replace letters with similar-looking ones from your alphabet or from another. For example, you can replace write «I» with «l» and vice versa. Another option is to use the Cyrillic Alphabet, as it has few letters absolutely similar to the Latin, but with another Unicode. The computer would consider them as a different one when a casino manager would not see the difference.
There is a list of similar-looking characters in the official Unicode documentations. However, you should be aware of the fact, that it can be used by the casinos’ anti-fraud system as well.

Misspelling is not a crime even in some type of legal documents. Some airlines let passengers to make up to 5 typos when fulfilling the data for the ticket! So, as these spelling would sound close to the original, there is a chance that differences would not be noticed and you will successfully bypass Gamestop.

Second step: Make the same changes to the other personal data, like an address or whatever casino asks.

Third step: You can not change a phone number or credit card details, as these are numeric fields. You should use a payment method that you have not used before – for example, another e-wallet. And you should buy another phone number. It would be even better if it would be an anonymous one – that will increase your chances to get around Gamstop.

#2 Ask your friends for help to get around Gamstop (4 / 5)

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how to get round gamstopAny way around Gamstop is good as long it works. An alternative option always exists if you are willing to use the pieces of information that are different from your original ones. That means that you can easily enter the online casino and come back to your favorite games without any limitations and constraints, using real personal data, which belongs to someone not on Gamstop.

Just ask your friend, colleague, or relative to register instead of you and get literally unlimited access to your beloved gameplay from any device!  You may also need the help of this person if you want to receive your winnings, as the withdrawal verifications can be more complicated.

This approach can be problematic for those who feel too much pressure from the side of their peers to stop gambling, meaning that you can always look at the other variants.

Before using this method of bypassing Gamstop make sure that:

  • A person, whose ID you are using has never played at the casino you are aiming to play in. He or she should be not under Gamestop. Don’t forget to warn your friend, that he won’t have the possibility to gamble at that place in the future, according to the multi-account issues.
  • You also have not played at this casino before. Some of the online casinos have really strict rules about playing from different accounts and one device, ar even IP address. If the answer is yes, you would rather learn about using VPN from the following section.

#3 How to get around self-exclusion using VPN (2 / 5)

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how to get around gamstop self exclusionIn the extremely competitive domain of gambling, there are literally countless platform options for playing. Unfortunately for the gamblers from Great Britain, it can be problematic to access the websites that don’t accept British players.

The mere use of VPN, accompanied by Proxy, can ruin all the barriers, eventually opening the gate of pure entertainment on the website of the international casino. That literally means that you can easily play for real money on one of the offshore platforms that don’t even permit UK players to join. 

Sites that bypass Gamstop would be accessible with the following VPN services. Or you can look for one suitable for you at the market.

  • Pure VPN
  • HideME VPN
  • Touch VPN
  • ZenMate
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Hola VPN

pure vpn for gambling

This is a list of methods of how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion with your mobile phone VPN connection:

  • ZenMate VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • PureVPN
  • NordVPN
  • VPN Master
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • Hideman VPN
  • Hola VPN Android
  • SuperVPN Free VPN Client

playing online casino games with vpn

Using VPN is prohibited by T&C of the most online casinos. If you use widespread free tools it’s more likely to be detected. Don’t hesitate to spend £20 at one of the paid ones, that will provide you with a stable connection.

#4 Land-based casinos (3 / 5)

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is there a way around gamstop?Gamstop is an online program which works exclusively for websites. There are over 140 Land Based Casinos and 2 licensed poker clubs in the UK. You can get in your car and drive to the nearest gambling establishment to see if  the is a way of how to get round Gamstop.

Land Based casinos require a much smaller package of documents. Often it is only your ID or driver’s license. You can make a deposit (if it’s a small amount of money) with cash, not using your bank card.

There can be a chanse that Gamstop shairs their participants IDs with some of the Land Based Casinos operating under the 2005 Gambling Act (Act 2005). You may need to try to get into a few casinos before you find one where you can freely spin a couple of slots. In case of failure, we advise you to draw your attention to underground casinos.

Good idea to visit Land Based casinos abroad whenever you are at the vacation or just making a small weekend trip. Casinos in large tourist cities serve a large flow of visitors from different countries. The control of documents in them is several times less due to the lack of labor. Try wisiting Land Based casinos in these areas:

  • Ireland (Top 10 by TripsAdviser) – as the nearest one;
  • Las Vegas – as the most famous one;
  • Macau Republic of China – array of th largest casino resorts;

any way around gamstopIt won’t become a secret for the UKGC that players in the United Kingdom often gamble on the websites with Curacao legislation even if they are on the Gamstop self-exclusion period. You can easily find the online casino that operates in the non UK jurisdiction that accepts British players, which will willingly accept your bank transfer cash in pound currency. Before jumping straight ahead into the direction of the gameplay, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino to get acquainted with everything you might know about further gambling.

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Final remarks

casinos that bypass gamstopKeeping all those ways around Gamstop in mind, you can easily access your beloved online gambling platforms and return back to spinning for the sake of winning the long-anticipated jackpot. Our review team still thinks that gambling can have some types of restriction, whereas, in the course of our recension, we represented how easy it can be to avoid the service with horrifically stringent rules, such as Gamstop.